Let's Make You a Referral Magnet in your Favorite Neighborhood

Greetings Real Agent (who is really committed to your Community),

I want to partner with you to give the home owners in your community access to some AWESOME and IN-DEMAND resources...and make you a household name and community hero while doing it.
As a Booster, you can choose 3 of your favorite programs from this list to sponsor for your neighborhood:
Watch the video for quick descriptions of each or click the link to visit the page

Often when I'm sharing a new idea or a new program, people ask me, "Frazier, why are you doing all of this? What's in it for you?".

Well, to be honest, I just like creating things.

Over the past few years, we have rolled out lots of "things" in our Fort Hunt Community - from lunches and events to directories to contests to media to courses and clubs.

Right now, with Covid turning 100% of parents into "involuntary" homeschoolers, there is an INCREDIBLE demand and appreciation for activities, programs, and directories that help parents figure out how to support their kids with their classes, not be isolated, and share ideas with other parents.

Some of the programs that we are supporting in the fall to help with this demand are:
Every time I share these opportunities on NextDoor or on one of the Facebook groups, we get a lot of "Thank you so much"s and "How do we sign up?"s.

I'm still working on fleshing out this particular sales/info page but if you watched the video, you have a pretty clear idea of how this whole thing is going to work. (I also wrote a little bit more about my "double word score philosophy" which you can see below)

What to do Now If you're EXCITED about being the Neighborhood Booster for your specific neighborhood, enter your information below and click the "Buy Now" link to complete the sponsorship.

The investment for being a Neighborhood Booster is $300.00 for 3 months BUT as a special bonus for my friends who are already Fort Hunt Boosters (You know you who are :), I'm going to include SIX MONTHS of Boostering for that $300.00.

So you'll have six months of EXPOSURE and INTRODUCTIONS and POSTING on NEXT DOOR and FACEBOOK and PRESS RELEASES and Direct Announcements to Schools, Churches, Civic Associations, Parent's Groups, Clubs and Pre-Schools for the cost of 3 months.

And when we get to the end of the 3 months (or 6 months, in the case of my bonus babies!), you can decide whether you want to renew (no automatic renewals here - you'll have to say, "I'm loving this - I never want it to end!"!

But as the EXCLUSIVE AGENT BOOSTER for the Neighborhood, you'll have right of first refusal - no one can sneak in and take your loving and grateful audience away from you!)

Right of First Refusal Continued...

As another bonus, as new programs come online or we create new ones based on interest from the community, you will have the RIGHT OF FIRST REFUSAL to be the sponsor for any of those programs for a very, very low additional cost.

It will be completely up to you as to whether you think there would be benefit in giving the new program away to your neighbors for FREE or whether you're happy to just let them have access for the discounted rate that comes from being part of your Fort Hunt University family!

The controls are in your hands!

As always, I'm open to all sorts of feedback and let me say a special "Thank you" to you for considering partnering with me. I know that what I'm doing is helping you grow your business, solidify connections, and attract referrals but what YOU'RE DOING is helping me do what I love to do - create programs that connect and serve our community.

It's a partnership!


"Why are you doing all of this?"

I like seeing a need or an opportunity in the community or the market and finding a way to use technology - web, databases, video, etc - to fill it in a HIGHLY LEVERAGED way. (That's just the entrepreneur in me).

I also like tearing down the barriers that prevent people - parents, neighbors, teachers, small businesses - from being able to participate and benefit from the things I create.

And that's why I always ask myself, "How could I make what I'm offering FREE?"

Well, if you've been around the block a few times, you know as well as I do that one of "problems" with free is sort of embedded right there in the name -

FREE has no VALUE.

And that means no matter how GOOD the thing is that you're making available, if it's "free", people won't value it.

And who wants to be out there putting their heart and soul into something that people don't VALUE.

So I resolved one day to always make sure that there was a price tag associated with EVERYTHING that I do/build/create.

So each of the PROGRAMS, COURSES, and ACTIVITIES above (not the directories typicall) have a price to participate (which establishes VALUE).

But I still am motivated by TWO THINGS:
ONE - how could I reduce the barriers for the people who DID value it and DID want it to participate?

And TWO, how could we get a "DOUBLE WORD SCORE" for the effort that I am putting into designing, developing, and managing the activity..

You know, the double word score in Scrabble. That's when you get DOUBLE the points for the same word - in other words, double the return.

Well, it occurred to me that I was creating all of this marveloous stuff, and I was WILLING to give it away for free but I was charging for it to establish value. But that means that I now had all of this valuable stuff (that I was still prepared to "give away")

Well, what happens in your personal life when you give someone something of value?

You get a big Thank You!.

And what do big "Thank yous" look like to Real Estate agents who really care about helping out and connecting their local community but don't have a consistent way of staying in touch with their existing clients and prospective clients?

Exposure, Recognition, Reciprocity, Viral Shares on Social Media, and even consistently staying in front of their high value clients.

So I started looking at these programs I was developing and I started thinking - There's a double word score here. I just need to unlock it.
Regular Posts on Next Door
Regular Posts on Facebook
Direct Invites and Shares with Civic Assoc., Churches, Clubs, Principals, Teachers, Pre-Schools
Community Calendars (Patch, Next Door, etc)
Press Release
Community Newsletter
Community Events

Exclusive Agent Sponsor for Your Neighborhood
Business Info and Welcome Video for All Registered Users in Neighborhood
Your pick of your top 3 programs to sponsor
FOREVER listing as the Founding Sponsor for Your Neighborhood
Right of First Refusal for Renewing
Right of First Refusal for Sponsoring Additional Programs

Right now, we're only opening neighborhoods in the Fort Hunt/Mount Vernon area including:
Exclusive Sponsor for Your Neighborhood
Business Info and Welcome Video for All Registered Users in Neighborhood
Your pick of your top 3 programs to sponsor
FOREVER listing as the Founding Sponsor for Your Neighborhood
Right of First Refusal for Renewing
Right of First Refusal for Sponsoring Additional Programs
If your neighborhood isn't on this list or you'd like to get a head start on becoming a "community hero" in a different neighborhood, please email me today

We'll be focusing on the following:
Increasing self-awareness - knowing what the problems and opportunities are
Sharing Master Student Technologies and Strategies
Tracking and Reporting Successes
Building on Successes
Staying Connected with the Master Student Community
During the program, I will share proven master student techniques that the students can implement immediately to help "fix" their current challenges or issues whether those are:
  • Storage/Recall of Information
  • Organization/Environment
  • Motivation/Attitude
  • Time Management
  • Effective Notetaking or Research skills
  • Concentration/Focus
  • Productive Interaction with Students/Teachers
  • Ability to Effectively Use Technology
You will be able to review these lessons/assignments as well and CHALLENGE your student to show success in specified areas.
Time Management Plans/Successes
Project Management Plans/Successes
Success Stories
Need For Support
Ideas for Improvement
In addition to learning specific, actionable technologies that they can instantly start to use and get results with, your student will be encouraged (expected) to plan his/her weeks, report on their progress towards assignments, identify success strategies that they are going to be trying out, report their successes.

They will be able to earn badges for successful completion of specific tasks as well as for PROVING certain techniques in the "field" - that is during school.

To get started, you can complete a quick assessment where you can identify the challenges and opportunities that you face and which skills/technologies would have the biggest impact on your success...immediately.

Each week, your student will do a self-evaluation (and, optionally, you can do a parent evaluation) in different skill and attitude areas so that (A) they can get recognition and feedback on their successes and (b)I can help match them/you up with support materials to ensure that their progress continues and accelerates.

Attend Online Info Session about Memory Master and Master Student Club
(This Thursday)

Preview of Memory Master

"Ugh!!! I'm already overwhelmed. You're giving me MORE work!?!"

Based on you and your student's self-evaluation, we will plan and schedule "additional" assignments so that they only come AFTER your student is starting to see the immediate benefits of participating.

The student IS going to take some time to be able to identify his/her current challenges and to review WHICH success strategies they could use IMMEDIATELY to improve results/get relief.

And they will IMMEDIATELY connect with a new peer group of aspiring master students who are going through their own process of tackling THEIR challenges.

I hope that you'll consider joining us in the Master Student Club.

Feel free to register and explore what I have planned. We'll be ramping up between now and the beginning of school. And then watch out!. By mid August, the students will be able to file their first "What Strategies I'm Going to Implement" Plan and be eligible to start earning Badges and their Master Student "Belts" in the different focus areas!

Please let me know if you have questions or suggestions!
Mr. O'Leary
The O'Leary Academy at Fort Hunt University

I'm interested! How do I enroll?!?

Good news! The Master Student Club is included FOR FREE for families who are enrolled in one of our History/Government Moderated Study Groups.

And the Club also includes the Memory Master Course to start your student off with those core Master Memory Strategies that make everything easier!

If you're not enrolled in a Moderated Study Group already, you can enroll in Master Student Club (1st Quarter) for $97.

Enrollment Info

Enroll Now!

Included with your enrollment

Memory Master (1st Quarter)

CHILL Mondays - An assortment of Simulations, challenges, Trivia to make Mondays Engaging, Social, and Productive for our students.

Discounts on additional Academy activities like "Mind Your Own Business Kid" or "Young Programmers Club", Student Newspaper, and Student Congress

Oh boy it's a NEW YEAR!!!
We've been in a bit of lull in December, but I am READY to get our Master Student Club back into full swing!  

What do you want to work on this month?
- Getting homework done faster?
- Doing better on tests and quizzes
- Reading faster
- Taking better (more valuable) notes?
- Learning and retaining information faster and more easily?

If you have a "problem" or a desire, you can find a Master Student Strategy to test out and implement.  Start exploring the strategies and over the next few weeks I'll be releasing more articles and strategies. 

Make a commitment (or a resolution) to file a progress report each week about WHICH strategies you're using and what sort of successes you're having.  I'll look forward to spotlighting our Master Students!
Go Live Path:
Here are some of the elements of the Master Student Club and where we stand with each of them:
  • Success Strategy Toolbox
  • Lessons
  • Mobile
  • Motivation Station
  • Progress Report/Success Plan
  • Standings
  • Report a Success
  • Master Student Scores - Dashboard
The goal right now is to have students who want to participate to do the following:
  1. Review the Success Strategies in the Success Strategies Toolbox.
  2. Identify the ones that you ALREADY use (report any successes that you have had - inspire other students)
  3. Share any strategies that you have that you think other students might benefit from (email or message me with them and I'll add them to list)
  4. Identify 1-3 Success Strategy that you want to TEST this week.
  5. Plan on reporting your SUCCESS
What you can do here
So how to start exploring the Master Student Club?
  1. Click on the Success Strategy Toolbox and identify the strategies that you CURRENTLY use. (Click "I do that!" on the strategy).

  2. Then EXPLORE the Resources- read the Lessons/Articles, explore the Strategies, and identify strategies that you LIKE and that you want to TEST OUT to see if they're successful for you.

  3. You can filter for specific topics - note taking, motivation, memory - to find strategies that will help solve your BIG problems.

  4. Create and file your first Progress Report/Master Student Testing Plan where you identify the strategies that you'd like to test out this week.

  5. Report on any successes that you have during the week.