Recording Your 'Good Morning Fort Hunt' Welcome Video

Frazier OLeary |

Thanks for your interest in wishing Fort Hunt a "Good Morning".

Your video will display on the Good Morning Fort Hunt page located at

Here are the steps:
1) Review the prompt script:
   "I'm Frazier O'Leary with (Company Name).  Good Morning Fort Hunt!"
(if you'd like to add something else (a slogan or a brief slogan-y "what we do'), feel free.  I reserve the right to edit the video for length and pacing. 

 And I'll add your name/Company label to the video).

Check out the sample:

2) Decide where you'd like to film - examples: at your desk, in your classroom, outside in front of your establishment, in front of your sign).  Decide WHO you want in video (just you, you and your team).

3) Set up your camera phone to be as close as you'd like. (tripods are great, ask someone to film you, lean it up against something).

4) Turn on your camera and press record (it's ok to have setting up footage; I'll edit it out)

5) Say your greeting.

6) Press stop :)

7) Review the footage and repeat if desired.

8) Email me the file or upload the file to YouTube and send me the link.

9) All done!!!


Frazier O'Leary
Chief Inviter
Fort Hunt Community Business Association
'In our neighborhood, Business is Good!' tm
Frazier OLeary
"In our neighborhood, Business is Good." tm